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    7 HIGHEST Paying College Degrees!

    Flip mill presents 7 Highest paying college degress Number one: As a finance major, you’ll be working with a lot of other people’s money; and it’s no surprise that some of that money would fall into your pocket. You’ll get a better start in your finance career if you do a few internships in your […]

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    How You Can Make Money Online In 2018

    What’s going on guys in this video today We’re going to be talking about how you can make money online in 2018 and start your own online business with zero dollars It’s not drop shipping It’s not affiliate marketing although that has something to do with it later on it’s not any other make money […]

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    Accounting vs. Finance: What’s the Difference?

    Wait a minute! I know I’ve got to track my company’s finances, but do I hire a finance person, or an accounting person? Can somebody help me out, here?! Hey, everyone! My name is Eddy Hood, the CEO of Ignite Spot Outsourced Accounting. I get asked THIS question all the time, you’ve probably had the […]

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    The Art of Startup Finance: The Startup Finance Pyramid

    Kauffman Founders School, Bill Reichert, The Art of Startup Finance, The Startup Finance Pyramid, 10/29/2014 >> Sometimes entrepreneurs think they can leave the finance and the numbers to the bookkeepers and accountants. That’s a really bad idea. You certainly want to have a bookkeeper. You certainly need accountants. And you can use them to collect […]

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    The 20 Rules of Money

    I want you to think about this here. In your entire lifetime, how much money has gone through your hands? How much? Let me explain to you what I mean by this. Maybe you made $73,000 last year, at 28-years-old. And the first time you got a check was 14 years old, it was $100. […]

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    Here´s Is The Secret to Big Success In 2018

    Countless books, seminars, and gurus promise to teach you the “secrets” to success. Well, here’s my secret: There are no secrets to success. Actually, it’s pretty simple. Want to excel in whatever you do? Get to work. Keep working. And don’t stop until the job is done. That’s called “work ethic.” I’m the sideline reporter […]

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    You Can Become What You Think – Dream Big 2k18

    Ladies and Gentleman it takes courage to live your dreams. It takes courage to stand where you want to. It takes courage to start something which can change your life and it takes courage to manifest your greatness. There are times when you decide to take a step forward and someone knocks you down. There […]

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    Renegade Russian Analyst Reveals How To Turn $10 To $100K

    Did you know, if you bought $1000 of Google in 2004 at its initial public offering, then it would be worth $1,575,000 today? Or if you had invested $1000 worth of shares in Microsoft in 1985 it would be worth $7,974,720.00 by now? [Click Here To Watch The Video That Will Show You How To […]